Ontario’s Prosthetic Program Not in Step

A provincial program that claims to help amputees cover three-quarters of the cost of their prosthesis is falling short of that promise. According to The War Amps, the Province is covering only a fraction of the true cost of artificial limbs.

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Speak for Yourself

Whether you’re in your rookie season as an amputee or a seasoned veteran of four decades like myself, the ability to advocate for yourself is a really important spoke in your wheel of life with limb loss.

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Crusade for Reform

The War Amps ongoing advocacy work for amputees revealed a number of gaps in prosthetic funding, both from public healthcare and private insurers. Most Canadians would be shocked to find out that those who suffer the loss of a limb are not adequately covered by their provincial or private health insurance plans for artificial limbs, and that several provinces provide no funding at all.

The War Amps fills the gaps in funding where it can but as a charitable organization that relies on public donations, these funds can only go so far. As a result, the “Crusade for Reform” was launched in 2016 to improve the standards of financial support offered by provincial governments and the insurance industry.

An appropriate, medically-prescribed artificial limb is an investment in the health of the amputee that has been shown to reduce long-term issues and their associated costs, such as repetitive strain injuries, falls, broken bones, and so on. The “Crusade for Reform” educates government and funding agencies on the medical necessity of artificial limbs so that amputees will be able to receive the limbs required for their independence, safety and security.

As The War Amps moves into its second century, just as the Association has fought the battle for veterans since 1918, this modern-day battle still must be fought to ensure that the needs of all amputees are met.

Learn more at www.waramps.ca.