Prosthetic Fashion

Dare we say it has become fashionable to be an amputee? That might be a stretch despite what glam magazine covers, reality TV shows and robo-style movies portray. But the trend toward amputees making a fashion statement with a prosthesis is undeniable.

Unlike in decades past, when most amputees tried to mask their prosthesis at all costs, we’re seeing a tendency toward transparency and liberation. Thanks in part to the evolution of prosthetic technology, and the sleek styles of industry componentry, arm amputees are rolling up their sleeves and lower extremity amps are shelving long pants for shorts to keep cool... “cool” in more ways than one perhaps.

But the pioneering work of prosthetic fashion designers may be most laudable in today’s movement toward the general public’s acceptance and intrigue in prosthetic arms and legs... and the wearer’s inclination and confidence in revealing their man-made (or woman-made of course) limb(s).

It’s unclear how and when this happened exactly; “tattoos” are not new to prosthetic sockets and simply step in time with pop culture which gives the nod to body art for all ages and demographics. Many amputees have taken to expressing their personalities and interests on their fabricated limbs, embracing their differences by “tatting” up with socket art.

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