Body Beautiful

Our life is a castle of many rooms. For some who live as amputees, a dark cellar occupies the depths, whether arriving from limitations before birth or a moment of trauma from later years. It is cemented inside our mystery, defining our roots – but not limiting our destinies. The Louvre originated as a tower on the Seine in the year 1190. Its ramparts served to fortify an ancient society, emerging people reaching for new heights. Later, it became the world’s most famous museum, housing the best that men and women had to offer.

Today, when visiting the preeminent collection of masterpieces, the many rooms filled with accomplishments, one turns a corner, facing a long corridor leading to the sculpture galleries, and the eyes meet a gleaming figure exuding inspiration. A woman with no arms.

While over-saturation leads to a weakened, watered-down effect, it is said that no matter how many reproductions one has viewed of the Venus de Milo, her 6’ 8” presence will astound you. Venus de Milo presently resides in Paris, the result of a long and arduous journey that is much like our own. Although she is a marble representation of divinity, she has been through many tough times, even broken, yet prevailed through the centuries, defying the odds, using an unnamable quality of beauty to find an indelible place in the world’s heart as an artistic treasure.

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