Unstoppable Tracy

When asked to describe herself, Tracy Schmitt answers with “I’m an aunt, and a skier, and I’m a sailor. I'm an artist, a dreamer and an adventurer – sometimes that means climbing a mountain, or scuba diving, or walking through a bar. I'm an advocate. I'm a four-way amputee which is kind of funny to say because I wasn't amputated. Part of who I am is because I was born with a disability. I'm not a shrinking violet. I'm extroverted and I am introverted. I often wonder if my extroverted nature comes from having a disability. I learned very early on to dial up the extroversion, to engage the world and not be left out. I like being with people.”

Read what Tracy had to share about lessons learned about acceptance and insecurities and misconceptions over 40-some years as an adventurous, observant and outspoken four-limb amputee.

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