Socket Soak to the Max

Heavy exercise or extended use of prostheses or orthoses can cause rubs or blisters that open the skin. Materials like silicon, neoprene and plastics do not breathe.

This can cause heavy sweating resulting in an exponential increase in the growth of microbes adjacent to the warm skin which increases the risk of infections of open sores. Odours are commonly produced by microbes that develop in the warm, moist environment found in the interface of skin and the socket liner, or brace, associated with a prosthetic or orthotic device.

A new product, Liberty Max Anti-Microbial, deals effectively with many of the microbes causing prickly heat and psoriasis. The application of Liberty Max Anti-Microbial on affected surfaces can noticeably reduce the odour issue as well.

The product utilizes an innovative proprietary process to produce a very stable hypochlorous acid in a water solution. Hypochlorous acid is a natural anti-microbial material produced by the human body as part of its natural defense against invading microorganisms. The acid’s critical role is to eliminate hazardous microbes once they have been found and surrounded in the cell structure. Liberty Max Anti-Microbial can be applied directly to surfaces in a direct spray, wash, or soak format. For information visit or call 877-395-0081.