Guitar Man David VanDuzen

He’s been a session player for greats like Frank Zappa and Chuck Berry but most remember him for his stints playing with the legendary Ronnie Hawkins Elephant Band in Toronto’s Nickelodeon. VanDuzen made a name for himself, becoming one that Bill Dillon, Russ McAllister and other famed Ontario guitarists cite as an influence. While enjoying singing and strumming music of many genres, he also got his kicks from another creative outlet in the entertainment business: engineering the lights and stage effects.

But with his musical identity presumably stolen by his accident which stole his arm, you would expect grief and gloom. And there was. But not so much now. “I’m excited!” he said recently with exuberance. “I figure, as one door closes, another one opens. Sure, I have ups and downs, good days and bad, but I can’t wait to hear the interesting sounds and experience my style of playing guitar with my new set-up.”

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