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The mission of the Amputee Coalition of Canada (ACC) is to “improve the quality of life of persons with limb loss” which is reflected in our programs and services. We aim to support, educate, counsel, and advance the opportunities available to Canada's limb loss population.

We are a national charitable organization whose programs seek to improve personal life skills, provide certified one-on-one support, teach new skills through sport and advance Canadian amputee research through national awards.

The Amputee Coalition of Canada currently offers three proven programs as well as a national research competition to support amputee research in Canada. No other Canadian organization offers similar programs designed to support the needs of persons affected by limb loss, specifically created to improve their quality of life through a focus on learning, self-management and active community participation.

Peer Visits

One of the most monumental events for someone who has just undergone an amputation can be meeting another person with limb loss who has successfully recovered and is back to living a productive and enjoyable life. In support of the Peer Visitor® Program, the ACC has developed a national peer support network to assist Canadians in overcoming the traumatic event of losing a limb.

PALS Program

The Promoting Amputee Life Skills® (PALS) Program is an eight-week self-management program designed for persons with limb loss. The PALS Program focuses on how an individual who has undergone amputation can improve their health and quality of life. More specifically, the program teaches those with limb loss how to manage pain, mood and other problems that they may face through pro-active life skills management.

Amputee Sport

The goal of the Freedom through Sport program is to empower persons with amputation, and any physical limitation, to use physical fitness, sport, and recreational activity to reach their full potential and improve their overall quality of life. The aim of this program is to create greater opportunities for persons with limb loss to increase their participation in physical fitness, sport, and recreation throughout all stages of their recovery while also broadening their social networks and their level of activity within their community. We recently partnered with Athletics Canada to introduce track and field training to our members. Watch for Give It A Try days across the country and at the national athletics championship in Edmonton, Alberta, later this year.

Research Awards

The ACC has awarded three Canadian Amputee Research Awards to leading Canadian researchers to further the knowledge of amputee care in our country. Our organization looks forward to continuing its support of amputee research for Canadians by Canadians to benefit those with limb loss in the years to come.

The ACC is proud to be a thrive magazine FORUM Partner and appreciates the opportunity to share and have a voice within this important community. Please refer to our website for more details on our programs and services: www.amputeecoalitioncanada.org.

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