Peer Visitor® Program

One of the most monumental events to a person who has just undergone an amputation is meeting a person with limb loss who has successfully recovered and is back to living a productive and enjoyable life. Out of this was born the Peer Visitor® Program. From the proven success of the Peer Visitor ® Program created by the Amputee Coalition of America, the Amputee Coalition of Canada (ACC) has imported the training materials.

ACC has developed a national peer support network to assist Canadians recover and overcome the traumatic event of losing a limb. By creating a Canadian network of peer support, the ACC provides persons with limb loss and their families the emotional support and information vital to successful reintegration into society and community. The Peer Visitor Program is designed to assist persons facing amputation or with limb loss help in their quest to resume productive and healthy lives.

The program seeks to address the difficulty that informal and unstructured peers visits can have on those who have just undergone limb loss, especially those who have just entered the early rehabilitation phase when a person with a new amputation has no idea of what awaits them. By implementing a training program to certify peer visitors, the Amputee Coalition of Canada is able to ensure a minimum quality standard of its program as all peers are evaluated at the end of their training session and reports are received after each visit.

The Amputee Coalition of Canada provides the Peer Visitor Program in both English and French at no charge to individuals with limb loss.

To Request a Peer Visit call 1-866-611-2677 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..