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Laughter After Limb Loss

Are you an amputee? Do you share your life and home with an amputee? Are you friends with an amputee?

The good folks at Laughter After Limb Loss are compiling funny and entertaining short stories and pictures from fellow amputees and those who share their lives with us to be (hopefully) incorporated into a book. No sad stuff allowed.

The facebook group (@LaughterAfterLimbLoss) is not saying that the process of going through an amputation and recovery is funny… they know it’s hard and at times, feels hopeless. But they ARE saying that all of us eventually will come to a point where we can laugh again, and even laugh at the unique experiences that now come to us or follow us around.

This page, and eventually, this book is an invitation to laugh with us.

Please share your stories and photos about you, about spouses, significant others, friends, relatives, and coworkers (with permission of course). The intent for the page is content that is humorous and uplifting. 

Life goes on after amputation, and it can (and should) go on with smiles and laughter. There is plenty online that speak to the challenging and painful side of this life-changing event. This Facebook page is determined to show the lighter side of this new life; that there is and can be Laughter After Limb Loss.

Send your funny stories and photos to us here at thrive magazine too. We’d love to share them with fellow thrive readers.

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