Fox Costume Critics

What’s wrong with that? Plenty for some apparently. “Disability isn't a costume. When Terry Fox was this boy's age, he had two legs,” nitpicks one social media naysayer. “Go dress up like your hero, but do it right,” she critiques. Really? The kid is seven years old. “It’s ableism,” chimed another. Please. The kid is honouring his hero. I just can’t see any discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities in this one.

How about this one: “Dressing up as Terry Fox and faking his limp – for what purpose?” Well, the kid is emulating his hero’s actions and dreams too… raising money to cure cancer. Awesome.

I get it. Dressing up as someone with a disability for the fun or mockery of it is offensive and can be framed as prejudicial.

But really folks? We all need heroes. This kid picked a damn good one. His care for the cause won’t get closeted after Halloween. But if it’s any consolation, his costume will.

Way to go kid!

Jeff Tiessen
thrive publisher

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