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Young Amputee Graces Fashion Runway

Daisy-May Demetre, a nine-year-old double leg amputee from Birmingham, UK, made her New York Fashion Week debut recently, walking for the luxury children’s line Lulu et Gigi Couture.

Adult Amps Aren’t Exercising Enough

A new study sheds light on the less-discussed topic of exercise rates in the amputee population. The research, presented by Mark Sedenberg, DO, at the 28th Annual Meeting

Sole Cells to Sturdy Stump Skin

Bioengineers Dr. Claire Higgins and Dr. Colin Boyle, from London’s (U.K.) Imperial College, want to use the thick, tough skin from the sole of the foot as a stencil for sturdier stump skin.

An App to Avoid Amputation

Dr. Karen Cross, a skin specialist and surgeon, from Newfoundland and Labrador is working on an app / device for smart-phones that could help people with diabetes keep their feet.

Healthy Living

From nutrition to exercise to mindfulness and more, read about practical regimens and strategies for better overall physical, social and spiritual health for anyone living with limb loss.

Peer Support

Support after limb loss comes in many forms and can make an incredible difference in recovery and beyond. From casual sharing to more structured groups, programs and camps, support can start here.


In all of its forms, advocacy seeks to ensure that the limb loss community’s voice is heard on issues that are important to us. Read about relevant causes and those who are speaking out about them.


As diverse as the amputee community is, what we all share in our personal stories and experiences can be very meaningful in helping others living with limb loss at any age or stage of life.


Expert advice for amputees from community leaders and prosthetic manufacturers

Sports & Rec

Sometimes a simple adaptation or new approach is all it takes to access sport and recreation activities.

Point of View

Opinions differ widely among amputees on shared everyday experiences and our reactions to them.

Videos For You

From educational clips to entertaining lifestyle pieces, these videos are worth watching.

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