Living Well With Limb Loss

With more than 225,000 amputees in Canada (source: The War Amps of Canada), a consumer magazine of our own was long overdue. Enter thrive, a publication dedicated to the pursuit of living well with limb loss, a venue for peer and professional support, a launch pad for consumer advocacy and a social media conversation starter.
thrive: to grow and to flourish

thrive is much more than a magazine... it’s a bond of popular media – print, online and social networking. It’s about industry partnerships that will provide those with limb loss with a first-rate resource for living well physically, emotionally and socially... to grow and to flourish.

About the Publisher

Disability Today Publishing Group, a disability community pioneer and leader for over 25 years, is known for its quality publications, and compelling editorial. The publisher of Alignment for Orthotics Prosthetics Canada, and a host of in-house magazine and book titles, the media firm is led by Jeff Tiessen, an amputee of over 40 years. Tiessen, a three-time Paralympian and world record holder, award-winning journalist and Canadian Disability Hall of Fame inductee, is a respected advocate and keenly aware of the informational needs of Canadians with limb loss through personal experience and a vast network of amputees, O&P practitioners and industry partners.

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What consumers and professionals are saying about thrive magazine
“As Canadians, we’re used to the spill-over of U.S. content, but the publications that are for and about us are most appreciated. As an amputee, I’m thrilled to hear about thrive... finally a publication that speaks to me!”.- Mark Ludbrook, Amputee Consumer -
“Getting to know what starts and stalls our patients and clients is really important to our clinical and technical work... thrive will be an incredible resource not only for those we serve but just as much for prosthetists and the extended clinical team. I’m excited!”.- Martin Robinson, C.P.(c) -


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