Dear Kids

Mark Hamill, the actor behind the iconic role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, has a special message for kids with limb differences all around the world.

A New Approach to Volleyball

Julie Kozun is passionate about her sport and a member of the Canadian National sitting volleyball team. Learn more about her sport and why you should play.

Born Risky A New Kind of Pop Artist

Forget what you think you know. Viktoria Modesta is a new kind of pop artist! Stick around till the end for the amazing spike dance.

Justin Hines Courage

Courage Canadian songwriter and singer will leave you feeling courageous! Sit back and turn it up!

Meet Farmer Chris

Chris isn’t your typical farmer as he was born without arms and legs but that hasn’t stopped him from doing the things he likes to do. He seems to have found a great job at Apricot Lane Farms.

Against All Odds

Double Amputee Racing Driver Billy Monger loves racing. And he’s racing again after developing an adaptive vehicle with engineers and now competes in F3 among able-bodied racers.

Shredding Expectations

Adaptive skier Vasu Sojitra fearlessly ventures into the backcountry to summit peaks completely unassisted. “I do what I love, and I’m going to keep doing it no matter what,” he says.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

An advertisement from Coca Cola Middle East that speaks to looking past pre-conceived notions.

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Amputee In The Kitchen

Kristie Sitta loves cooking! And she’ll have you laughing in her humorous kitchen session as she whips up some chicken, zucchini, and gnocchi!

Ellie Cole’s Impossible Story

Toyota Ellie Cole Paralympic medalist Ellie Cole shares her story of success. Ellie puts all her effort into succeeding in life. Her message, no one should decide if you should succeed or fail but you.