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Making Big Strides: Jericho Rodriguez

Author: Thrive Staff Writer
In a hospital delivery room giving birth to her third child, Joy Rodriguez wasn’t expecting to hear the words her husband calmly and lovingly whispered in her ear after their second son entered the world.
From his first gaze at his newborn boy he said: “He’s beautiful, but I don’t think he’ll ever be able to walk.” Jericho was born with two club feet and cleft hands.

He was a fighter from the very start. Joy remembers what a happy baby he was, which made the road ahead of them look a little less steep. “Being born this way, Jericho didn’t know life any differently,” she tells, inadvertently comparing his circumstance to an acquired disability. “I believe that allowed our family to adjust naturally and at our own pace.”

When Jericho was just a month old a specialist at Sick Kids Hospital asked Joy if the family had heard of The War Amps organization. Joy had not, and with that the practitioner made the introduction. Joy regards The War Amps as a guardian angel, right there to lend a helping hand, making a monumental difference in their lives. That kind of unconditional support allowed her and her husband to focus on their family. “It strengthened our family’s foundation,” she says.

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