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Taking Action: Aristotle Domingo

Author: Thrive Staff Writer
Aristotle Domingo looked at his life in 2017 and thought, “No, this can’t be it,” and then did something about it. “I was a new amputee then and I found myself sitting on the couch, out of shape.
it was not what I wanted. I got other amputees together and formed the Amputee Coalition of Toronto (ACT) after finding a void in the support system. When I left the hospital I felt alone, yet I wanted to feel part of a community. I went to the United States and came back with knowledge to share in Ontario after becoming a certified peer visitor.”

The value of community is impossible to overstate. “Hearing ‘I feel that way too!’ is powerful,” maintains Domingo. “It is validating. Everyone can learn from others.”

Domingo has parlayed his experiences into becoming a known voice for amputees, using the group’s vision and social media to advocate for the needs of the amputee community. Television and movie producers contact him as a resource. He has played parts in commercials and helped find amputees who might fill a specific role. A busy role model now, active and ever-expanding his social network, Domingo finds little time for his couch.

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