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Amp Pants from No Limbits

Featured on the TV show Shark Tank, No Limbits creates adaptive clothes made by adaptive people. The founder is an amputee herself.
Founder, Erica Cole, found herself unable to wear her prosthetic leg at one point because all that she wanted was to wear a pair of jeans. Nothing would fit over her prosthesis and so, sick of sweatpants, she cut the pant leg off and stuffed what remained into her socket. Very bad idea… stump sores ensued and she was out of her leg for months.

While she was healing, Erica started altering her pants to work for her in a different way. For starters, she sewed zippers into her jeans to accommodate her prosthesis. Unknowingly, she was creating adaptive clothing. And as requests from amputee friends came for the same, Erica started a small alterations business.

She launched the first No Limbits product on Kickstarter - at the time called the Amp Pant, which became her bestselling product. Not long after, Erica appeared on the TV show Shark Tank explaining to the “sharks” how few accessible clothing options there are for disabled people. Erica landed partners.

The company’s Adaptive Unlimited Pant line is designed for anyone with a lower limb difference that makes traditional pants hard to wear or uncomfortable. That includes people with a prosthesis, leg brace, knee brace, ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) and lymphedema.

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