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Netflix's Animated Amputee Character

The animated entertainment industry scripted a new first this year with authentic casting of a disabled character.
This is according to RespectAbility, which had a hand in creating the series, assembling the talent, and shaping the portrayal of disability. Mech Cadets, a live-action film which debuted on Netflix in August, 2023, features a crutch-using, above-knee amputee character.

One of the galactic heroes who’s been chosen to bond with Robo Mechs from space and defend Earth against alien invaders, the character was scripted by limb-different filmmaker and writer Ashley Eakin. It is voiced by actor and comedian Josh Sundquist, a leg amputee and crutch-user himself. The new Mech Cadets comic-book series is also now available from Boom! Studios.

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