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Reducing Trips and Falls

Author: Thrive Staff Writer
Reducing Trips and Falls
Amputees tend to fall more often than their able-bodied counterparts.
According to a study conducted by W.C. Miller at the University of British Columbia, more than half of all amputees reported having fallen in the prior year.

The Proprio Foot® was designed to mimic natural foot motion and to reduce the risk of trips and falls by using motor-powered ankle motion during swing phase to provide increased toe clearance,” explained Jon Sigurdsson, Össur President and CEO.

Earlier this year Sigurdsson announced the launch of the new, next-generation version of Össur’s revolutionary Proprio Foot microprocessor ankle (MPA). Proprio Foot was the world‘s first microprocessor ankle when it was originally launched in 2006 and the new version incorporates user feedback and learnings gathered over the past decade from amputees and clinicians worldwide.

A part of Össur’s family of Bionic Technology-driven products, the motorized Proprio Foot has artificial intelligence that enables it to sense and respond to changes in its user’s walking style and terrain. The new edition of the foot adapts faster than the previous model, helping users walk naturally and comfortably on a variety of terrains, including stairs and ramps.

“As a leading innovator in prosthetics, Össur has pioneered many technological ‘firsts’,” added Sigurdsson. “We are relentlessly focused on developing technological solutions to address the challenges faced by amputees on a daily basis.”

In prior field testing, Proprio Foot users reported fewer stumbles and falls, in part because the device’s active swing phase dorsiflexion provided increased minimum toe clearance, making it more comparable with anatomical feet. The result was a 70% reduction in reported falls.

The new foot’s streamlined biomechanical design provides up to 44% more peak ankle power and a 23% increase in range-of-motion over the previous generation. Other key design features include an integrated battery capable of providing 18-36 hours of use before requiring recharge, and automatic ankle alignment to help the user maintain proper alignment across a variety of everyday footwear.

Weatherproof and appropriate for use in wet or humid conditions, the new bionic foot is for low to moderately active amputees weighing up to 275 lbs (125 kg). It also features an upgraded Össur Logic app (smart phone or tablet), enabling prosthetists to easily set up and program the prosthesis, adjust functionality for each user, and collect user activity reports. The app also lets users quickly check their battery and step count, and adjust their ankle alignment to accommodate changes in footwear. Visit for more information.

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